Vip Car Transfer

From the airport we offer a professional staff and shuttle driver with VIP car ...

Hotel Accommodation

Depending on your request during fair and congress offer of hotel accommodation ...

City Tour

What about after the meetings to a great city tour. We offer a great tour with VIP vehicles.

Our company will be the first exhibition in Istanbul and outside the city, we offer transfer service with professional driver vibe vehicles and staff for congresses and other events. After completing your reservation through your vehicle is ready to contact our company in a way that will be waiting for you ...

Transfer Service to the Fairgrounds with Luxury Car

Promoting your products and your industry to see the whole world closely related developments, to expand your vision of the participants in an efficient manner is possible only through trade fairs and congresses. Equity Tourism, performs your participation in fairs and congresses worldwide and the organization arrangements in the economic conditions ...

This is all you need in your planning process, you made all the preparations before the city and is offered to you without any problems. During the exhibition, city tour for you, we offer extra options in order to visit historical sites in different provinces. If you specify when booking this type of request, all the preparations are done for you.



Transfer Service to Convention Centers

Our company is in Istanbul and other provinces within the international congresses held across the country vibe vehicles and professional drivers performing your transfer with the staff. When you get to the airport VIP service car and chauffeur to meet you at the door and escort them to the vehicle. Then realizes your transfer safely to the hotel and convention center will accommodate.

To use this service simply define your program by communicating with us. Then the competent authority to apply appropriate service options to our program and gives you information about the application to you. Your vehicle will be waiting for the first time after all the preparations take place.

Delegation Welcome Service

We carry out the transfer process with your VIP vehicles and professional drivers of our staff for your delegation coming from other provinces or countries that you have to perform in Istanbul and surrounding cities abroad for business meetings and other corporate events.

Firm action to perform your transfers at affordable prices from Ataturk Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport can contact our competent and can make your reservation process.



Wedding & Events Services

Our company is in Istanbul and for weddings and other events outside the province and the vibe vibe vito sprinter provide shuttle vehicles and professional drivers with staff. These services are invited to the address you specify, with the tools you are taken to identify and comfort with the space vehicle will be the organization, the transfer is carried out in the presence of safe driving.

Organisation at the end of the transfer to a different address in the same quality that you still have the same address or to specify carried out. This company can contact our representatives to take advantage of our service and specifying the details of your program, you can easily perform your reservation process.